FEBRUARY 27, 2010

In Other News
Hosts Max Jungreis and Kelsey Hernandez

A Tax on Plastic Bags
ATMI Reporter Aviva Hirsch asks her group mates from Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA) what it will take to get a tax through the assembly. Hirsch examines what bags do to the environment, and how the issue of plastic bags has been dealt with in other cities.

Five Minutes with the Sound Guy
ATMI Reporter Ana Gerber-Cavalier sat down with one of the most recognizable sound engineers in the city. Gerber-Cavalier was determined to find out how Allen Nielsen landed in his profession.

Pet Peeves!
What’s your big pet peeve? ATMI asked the community to chime in and answer our Google Voice question of the month. ATMI is open to others participating in our Google Voice segment, you can find us at alaskateenmedia.org