FEBRUARY 26, 2005

In Other News
Hosts: Katie Zager and Michael Eddy

High School Stereotypes Roundtables
In response to the opinon piece about South High School published in Perfect World, ATMI collected representatives from Anchorage’s high schools to discuss stereotypes.

The Bizarre World of DDF
ATMI’s Melissa Smith takes a closer look at DDF now that her little sister has joined the team!

Reaching Out to New Students
Being the new kid in a big high school can be tough. That’s why some high schools are creating progams to help intergrate new students. One such program is PACE at Bartlett High School.

Alaska Scene Honors Awards
A new tradition began at Bitoz, a local music venue, ASHYS. These awards recognize idividual artist as well as bands that have played at Bitoz.
— Solo Artist of the Year – Emily Tornfelt
–Drummer of the Year -Kael Garman of Spitshine

–Bassist of the Year -Matt Craver of Strept

–Guitarist of the Year -Johnny Fine$-Double Fine$

–Vocalist of the Year -Boobs of Double Fine$

–Lyricist of the Year -SpitShawn of Spitshine

–Band of the Year – Spitshine