FEBRUARY 25, 2006

In Other News
Hosts: Andrew Aquino

Getting Out
ATMI Reporters Chris Frenier and Katie Zager explore the idea that most teens feel like they need to get out of Alaska after high school. They interview famous Alaskans and talk to students about the opportunities offered at home versus the ‘lower 48.’

Breaking a Nalgene
Try breaking a Nalgene waterbottle- cars and sledgehammers wont break them- so what will?. Listen as ATMI reporter Michael Eddy explores the Nalgene fad while trying to achieve the impossible task of breaking one.

ATMI’s Ashley Tyner prepared and directed this fake advertisement on a new brand of waterbottle.

Music Cliques
Wandering down the halls of South High School, ATMI reporter Andrew Aquino noticed that music plays a big role in the relationships he has with his friends.

Thank You, Mr. Postman
Last time on Thank You Mr. Postman, a worried wife came to our dashing detective. Is Mr. Olson having an affair? Will Mrs. Olson fall for our daring Detective McFearson? And how does the postman tie into this sordid affair? Find out on today’s episode of “Thank you Mr. Postman.”