FEBRUARY 24, 2007

In Other News
Hosts: Noah Magen and Chris Frenier

Sleep Studies 101
ATMI’s sleepiest reporter, Sara Perman, gets the scoop on Anchorage School District schedules and how it affects students.

Black History Month
ATMI’s Noah Magen had the sneaking suspicion that Anchorage teens weren’t learning enough about the role of African Americans in his history classes; he found out what the students of South High knew lacked depth.

My Interview with OK Go
The ATMI “Hipster in residence,” Andrew Aquino, gives us the skinny on his relentless quest to befriend the band OK Go.

We Have to Overcome…For Now
ATMI’s Katie Zager fills us in on the short-lived battle to keep teens on municipal advisory boards, and why a little more fight wouldn’t have hurt anybody.

An Early Morning Wii
ATMI’s Chris Frenier got up to buy the new Nintendo Wii system at 5 in the morning this past month and he wanted to bring us all along for the ride.