DECEMBER 31, 2016



Hosts: Kendall Stormo and Francisco Martinez

The Best of 2016!

This show featured the best work produced by Alaska Teen Media producers!


Music Where You’d Least Expect by Chloe Chaobal

Taylor Engstrom by Chloe Chaobal

The High School Girl Scout by Quinn White

Birding in Anchorage by Arina Filippenko

High School Cancer Researcher by Michael Stallworth

Spacefest by Kendall Stormo

TAVRA by Kendall Stormo

Bailey Lesslie by Kendall Stormo

Longboard 4 Change by Francisco Martinez

ATMI at the Movies: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Logan Smith

ATMI at the Movies: Sausage Party by Logan Smith

Elders & Youth 2016- Stories from my Grandfathers by Alyssa Ahkinga and Vadim Yenan

Elders & Youth 2016- Inu Yupiaq Dance Group by Alyssa Ahkinga and Vadim Yenan

Climate Change and my Life by Caitlyn Hannah