December 26, 2015

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Best of 2015Best of “In Other News” 

Host: Jada Nguyen

Every year in December we share some our favorite stories we made over the year. You’ll hear some of our best ATMI work produced in 2015!


Karaoke leads to a full-time gig

Reporter Chloe Chaobal was lucky enough to catch up with Threadhead Records musician Margie Perez, who plays Jazz, Pop and New Orleans Funk.

All Seasons Argo

Reporter Francisco Martinez learned a lot about America’s premiere amphibious recreational vehicle. He went to the Argo store to learn about those wild eight wheeled machines and to find out how their classic jingle came to life.

Wild About Anchorage

Reporter Arina Filippenko went to historic City Hall to investigate what may be one of the biggest local ad campaigns in Alaskan history.

Google Voice- Sing us your favorite Anchorage jingle.

ATMI reached out to the community and asked them to sing us their favorite Anchorage jingles.

Spice hits Anchorage hard

Francisco Martinez finds out a bit more about what the State is doing to figure out what is going on with all the spice-related deaths and ER visits.

On the bus

Arina traveled around town on the People Mover and asked individuals on the bus what it’s like to live in Anchorage and any advice they have for kids growing up here.

Arctic Youth Ambassadors commentary

ATMI Reporter Barae Hirsch with a commentary about the newly founded Arctic Youth Ambassadors.

Puppy Love

Chloe Chaobal spoke with a classmate about societal norms, debate and relationships. These are just a few of the things they talked about over summer break!