DECEMBER 26, 2009

In Other News

Hosts: Javon Johnson and Kelsey Hernandez

Dancing on 15th
ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson set out to determine what made Anchorage dancer Andrew Kerosky move.

The Lives of Famous Men
ATMI Reporter Kelsey Hernandez interviewed The Lives of Famous Men while they were in town playing some shows.

ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson and ATMI director Rosey Robards are kidnapped by SNOWZILLA!

Those Who Care?
A commentary from reporter Max Jungreis

ATMI Reporters Niiki Navio and Nithya Thiru asked students at Polaris K-12 school who they admire.

Chevak Elders
ATMI Reporter Kelsey Hernandez tells of her experience of completing elder service in the village of Chevak.