DECEMBER 25, 2010

In Other News
Host: Kelsey Hernandez

ATMI Reporter Nikki Navio with the story of a high school senior and his rejection from his seven dream schools.

Singing in the Shower
ATMI Reporter Ishmael Streever hit the streets of Anchorage to find out what songs people like singing in the shower.

A Cold Freezing Night
ATMI Reporter Aviva Hirsch with a story about one of Connie Fredenberg’s coldest experiences in Nikolski Alaska. This story was also submitted in the 2010 Books Odds Competition by Third Coast International Audio Festival.

LGBT Support in Anchorage
Suicides among LGBT youth have been a big topic in the new the last few months. Reporter Michelle Paras with a story about the support LGBT youth can find in Anchorage.

A Chain of Missing Links
ATMI Reporter Max Jungreis with story on youth substance abuse from the perspective of the professionals working with the youth.

My Trip to Third Coast
ATMI Reporter Ishmael Streever with a commentary about his experience during the 2010 Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Tattoos Are the New Lockets
ATMI correspondent Ariel Gustafson from Unalaska Community Broadcasting discusses why tattoos are replacing lockets as memory holders.