DECEMBER 25, 2004

In Other News
Hosts: Jessica Walters and Amanda Krysinski

High Students Reach Out to the Homeless
Two students from Dimond and Service High School organized a school district wide drive to help the homeless in Anchorage.

Holiday Neutrality in Schools
Anchorage schools will are starting to implement to new policies affecting the way the district addresses religious beliefs and customs. Is this the end of Santa Clause? ATMI Reporter Gina Park has the story.

Becoming a Licensed Driver
ATMI’s Steven Walsh comments on what it is like to get his license.

Waiting for Freedom on the Roads
ATMI Reporter Melissa Smith finds out about a new law that impacts Alaska teens on the road.

Cracking Down on the Dress Code
ATMI Reporter Amanda Krysinski looks a dress code rules within the Anchorage School District.