APRIL 26, 2008

In Other News

Hosts: Megan Haller and Andrew Aquino

Paddleboat Cafe
ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson talks with the father-daughter duo who own and operate Paddleboat Cafe on Goose Lake in Anchorage. In recent months, the cafe has become a popular teen hangout and music venue.

A few students from the South High School chapter of Rare-T, a program designed to inform students about HIV, went and got tested at clinics here and town. In this round table discussion they share their experience.

East High Poetry Slam
ATMI Reporter Nakeen Peterson went over to East High in Anchorage to check out some of the poetry students over there have been writing.

Alaska Music Alliance
Teens who love local music, whether that means performing or attending live shows as fans, are trying to unify their efforts. Scott Thorpe and Britain Strah, 20 year olds from Eagle River, are two founders of the Alaska Music Alliance.