APRIL 25, 2009

In Other News

Hosts: Javon Johnson and Kelsey Hernandez

You Own Alaska
ATMI Reporter Nikki Navio went to the premiere of the film, “You Own Alaska” at the Anchorage Museum. And had a chance to ask fellow Alaskans about what they thought about the movie.

MIA is not necessarily known for her political activism but much of her music is inspired by the many injustices exacted against people around the world. ATMI Reporter Nithya Thiru investigates.

On March 7, ATMI Reporters Kelsey Hernandez and Tiana Johnson went on a mission to interview ceremony, a hardcore California band that did two show here in Alaska.

ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson helps Anchorage bid farewell to a longtime music photographer.

Those Who Care?
A commentary from Max Jungreis.