FEBRUARY 26, 2011

In Other News
Hosts: Kelsey Hernandez and Ishmael Streever

Seasonal Affective Disorder
Having trouble keeping motivation in the winter? It could be due to seasonal affective disorder. ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson has more.

On the Trail
ATMI Reporter Ishmael Streever with a story about teen musher Seiji Takagi. Streever explains how Takagi got started in the sport, asks him about his team, and what his thoughts are about competing in his first Jr. Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

Is Finding Love in High School Possible?
ATMI Reporter Aviva Hirsch hit the halls of West High School to find out if students thought finding love in high school was possible. Hirsch also asks for their thoughts about finding love in the future.

Bryson Andres
After months of tracking, ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson landed her interview with local violinist Bryson Andres. Johnson gets Andres to open up about how he started playing, his style of play, and his plans for the future.